The Echoes of the World

Inextricably linked to the natural world are two parallel planes: the Feywild (or Plane of Faerie) and the Shadowfell (or Plane of Shadow). They are the closest of the planes to the mortal world.

Despite vastly different astronomies and alternative names for stars, the architecture of the heavens remains constant regardless of the plane in which the observer stands. While stars are bright in the mortal world and in the Feywild, in the Shadowfell the night sky all its own. It seems a void of inky blackness with illusory stars that deceive the stargazer, but by careful observation, dead stars, long ago faded from the mortal world, glimmer in dull solidity in the Shadowfell, the only real stars there.

The Feywild

The Feywild is a verdant, wild twin of the mortal realm. Towering forests sprawl for a thousand leagues. Perfect amber prairies roll between pristine mountain peaks soaring into the flawless clouds. Emerald, turquoise, and jade green seas crash along endless beaches. The skies are a perfect blue not seen in the mortal world—until storms come, coal dark thunderheads boiling with fierce winds and torrential rains. In this world, arcane power thrums through every tree and rock. All existence is magical.

  • Astrazalian, The City of Starlight: This magnificent eladrin city is the crown jewel of the eladrin realms, the incarnate dream and the envy of every mortal race. Appearing on the hillsides of a green island on the natural world in the first day of spring, it is the fey realm most well known to the inhabitants of the mortal world. At the end of the summer the city returns to the Feywild, and is located in the sea known as the Kingdom of the Sea Lords. During autumn and winter, savage fomorians besiege Astrazalian from their Feydark borderlands in hopes of plundering the city and using it as a base from which to raid the natural world. Astrazalian is ruled by Lady Shandria, an eladrin warlord and a distant niece of Queen Tiandra of the Court of Stars.
  • Plains of Valdrennai: A region on the Feywild that is known for its residuum storms.
  • Mithrendain, The Autumn City: Once a great fortress of Cendriane. Mithrendain has blossomed into a beautiful eladrin forest-city whose buildings seem to grow naturally around the trees. However, Mithrendain has a dark secret: The central sections of the city was built atop a now-sealed tunnel that leads to the Feydark. 

    • Citadel Arcanum: The fortress guarding the entrance to the Feydark.
  • Senaliesse: In the center of the Feywild’s primeval forest grows a massive stand of ancient silver trees. The forest at the base of these trees seems completely undisturbed. This silver grove is Senaliesse, the home of Queen Tiandra of the Court of Stars.
  • Shinaelestra, The Fading City: Shinaelestra is a city of rangers, and they long ago decided to let the forest reclaim the ancient walls. Many of Shinaelestra’s towers are broken, barely rising above the thick overgrowth of the forest. The ranger Lord Calenon Thray governs Shinaelestra lightly. Some say he is the greatest eladrin ranger of them all. Every midnight, Shinaelestra appears in the midst of the Howling Forest in the mortal world, and each dawn it returns to the Feywild. The greatest threat to Shinaelestra is the fomorian realm of Vor Thomil.
  • Cyndaria: A city hidden by magic, located beyond a waterfall on a region of the Feywild that is equivalent to the Nentir Vale in the mortal world. His ruler is the powerful eladrin lord Toveliss E'teall.
  • Al'Bihel, the City of Stairs: A ruined eladrin city on the Feywild that was inhabited by mutated drow until recently, when they were annihilated by the forces of the First Lord Thrumbolg. Its former ruler, Arcane Lord N'ehlia, have plans to rebuild it. It's located near the fomorian realm of Mag Tureah and appears every certain time on the mortal world, in the Nentir Vale.
  • Celduilon: A city near the equivalent region of the Feywild of Moonstair in natural world.
  • Plains of Thorns: A region near the equivalent region of the Feywild of Moonstair in natural world. It's governed by the archfey known as the Prince of Thorns. Featured in the Abyssal Plague novels. According to the DM's Book, Lake Nen in Nentir Vale also connects to this region of the Feywild (specifically to the Palace of Thorns).

    • Palace of Thorns: The home of the Prince of Thorns and his court.
    • Whitethorn Spire: A tower that once belonged to the eladrin wizard Sherinna, mother of the Prince of Thorns. It is the place where the Order of Vigilance was founded.
  • Feywild trails: Collective name for trails that crisscross the realm. Travelers who stray from these paths might fall prey to dangerous creatures such as fey panthers, hags, or worse.
  • Brokenstone Vale: A kingdom of lycanthropes in an uneasy peace with neighboring fey.
  • The Tower of Rhath: A shadow steeped citadel ruled over by a powerful Satyr of Night. Mentioned in Dungeon 197.
  • Porpherio's Island: An enchanted island home created by Tiandra and Oran for a pair of lovers. It is currently the home of an archfey known as the Green man.

    • The Palace of Spires: A demiplane within Porpherio's Island.
  • The Spiral Tower: The site of the last battle between Drow and Eladrin. The original tower was destroyed and has been rebuilt, and now serves as an academy for Wizards and Warlords. A secret history of the Eladrin hero Ossandrya is contained in it's ruins.
  • The Grieving Palace: A cottage home to the Bramble Queen of the Green Fey.
  • Baba Yaga's Hut: The traveling demesne of the Queen of Witches.
  • The Vale of the Long Night: The Demesne of the Prince of Frost.

    • The Fortress of Frozen Tears: The citadel of the Prince of Frost, located in the Feydark.
    • Winterheart: The demesne of Koliada the Winter Witch, the mistress of the Prince of Frost.
  • The House of Flowers: A moving Demense of the descendants of the Rose King and other warriors devoted to Corellon. The Archfey Liria is it's Grandmaster and her goals are the unifying the eladrin to one nation, and the eradication of all drow.
  • Jenn-Tourach: An eladrin city that appears in the mortal world on a mountain-top, one day a year.
  • Towers of Avaellor: An Eladrin towers on isle, that appears in the mortal world on summer
  • The Ruined Empire of Cendriane: Formerly the greatest empire in the Feywild, is now a ruin, having been devastated during the wars fought by the drow, eladrin, and elves. The Vampire Lord Kannoth now rules the catacombs of his capital city, Cendriane.
  • Amethystra: Once a part of Cendriane, Amethystra is a city of alabaster and crystal that floats atop a cloud. It spends most of its time in the Feywild, but sometimes appears temporarily in the mortal world after specially violent storms. Those who brave its wonders in search for treasure often find themselves enchanted by the city, compelled to contemplate its unearthly beauty forever.
  • The Garden of Graves: The final resting place for the dead of Quiet Hall, as well as the most sacred place of this faction of the Gloaming Court. It is connected to the mortal world through a fey crossing.
  • The White Spires of Callanar: This Academy of the Enchantment school of Wizardry drifts between the Bright Lands, a forest protected by Fey creatures, and a small remote island in the Natural World.
  • Bedlam: A Gate town that leads to the Astral Domain of Pandemonium. The Bleak Cabal currently has agents stationed in the town working on a coup to secure the gate for themselves.
  • The Lake of Dreams: This lake, known for the glass-like stillness of its waters, is located in the middle of a particularly dark forest. The woods are rumored to be the personal fiefdom of Razcoreth, the Whispering Wyrm.

    • Razcoreth's Lair: The hollow hill lair of the Green Dragon, the surrounding forest is guarded by his fey servants.
  • The Maze of Fathaghn: This enormous briar maze belongs to the dryad queen Fathaghn, and lost travelers are kept away from the maze's center at all costs.
  • The Murkendraw: An expansive swamp that stretches as far as the eye can see, the Murkendraw is a haven for dangerous beasts, mad treants, and conniving hags.

    • Murkroot Trade Moot: A goblin trading outpost where all manners of vile poisons can be acquired.
  • The Sky-Shaper's Demesne: The lands of an archfey who controls the course of the Moon and Sun within his realm.
  • The Tower of Zoramadria: An Eladrin school of Necromancy. The normally peaceful necromancers occasionally abandon their theoretical studies to capture helpless victims for their experiments.
  • Mross-Kragg: An ancient Fomorian Fort in the forest.
  • The Killing Ground: Once home to three rival cities that have fallen, this Fey Demesne has reshaped itself to the needs of it's current inhabitants, a tribe of Firbolg dedicated to the wild hunt. This labyrinthine hunting ground has currently been assailed by a tribe of Minotaurs from the natural world.

    • The Animus Spire: A towering gemstone monolith at the intersection of the demesne’s ley lines.
  • Fool's Grove: The home of the Feywild's most famous monster who is known simply as "the Gnome." Together with his faithful badger Francis he leads a ragtag assemblage of bizarre, and dangerously cuddly, monsters.
  • Highridge Arcane: The home of a council of Tulani arcanists who conduct research together.

    • The Lodge of the Hunt: A fane that is connected to the Spirit of the Wild Hunt. Located not far from Highridge Arcane.
  • Plains of Echoing Thunder: This open country of rolling hills and grassy plains is the stomping grounds of centaur tribes.
  • The White Well: This pool, said to be the demesne of the archfey known as the Lady of the White Well, is amidst a serene forest that seems to exude deep sorrow.
  • Elkweald: A remote corner of the Feywild that is the demesne of the Sovereign Elk, and is defended by a militant group of female elves and eladrin sworn to protect the archfey.
  • The Isle of Dread: An island populated with behemoths and drakes. It is the home of the Tyrantclaw Clan of Orcs.

The Feydark

Just as the natural world has an Underdark, so does the Feywild have its own reflection of that dangerous subterranean realm. These Caves are ruled by the Fomorians and their cyclops servants, but are also inhabited by Gnomes, Drow, and Myconids.

  • The King's Highway: In the Feydark, the King's Highway still shows evidence of Torog's rampage, but areas of it have become smooth over the ages.
  • Feydark Wilds: Choked with phosphorescent fungi and dangling roots from the great trees above ground, the Feydark tunnels are a wilderness in their own right.
  • Irith Tal: A drow city of the Feydark ruled by the priestess Zarra.
  • The Court of Cachlain: A Fomorian court known for it's Gladitorial arenas.
  • Inbharann: The Richest of the Fomorian Kingdoms.
  • Drochdan: Kingdom of the Gnomes. Clustered around the central burrow called haven, these tunnels according to legend belong to a group known only as "the fools."
  • Crystal Mountain: A mountain on the southeastern periphery of the Violet Thicket hides a gnome realm in secret crystalline caverns. By most accounts, the gnomes of the Burrow under the Crystal Mountain are more advanced than their counterparts in Drochdan.
  • Deadtrees: A grove of ancient primeval trees that have been petrified.
  • Harrowhame: This underground fomorian kingdom is built on the slave trade. Its ruler, King Bronnor, is as mad as any fomorian, but he can be negotiated with —occasionally. The lycanthropes of neighboring Brokenstone Vale often serve Bronnor as spies and assassins.
  • Living Grotto: Ancient cave filled with fungi and myconids.

    • Great Cathedral of Psilofyr: Central temple to the Myconids creator Psilofyr.
  • Mag Tureah: The largest of the fomorian realms, Mag Tureah is ruled by King Thrumbolg, the First Lord.
  • Nachtur, the Goblin Kingdom: Subterranean kingdom of the goblins; ruled by Great Gark, Lord of All the Goblins.
  • The Fortress of Frozen Tears: The citadel of the Prince of Frost, located in the Feydark.
  • The Teeth: A cavern that leads to a Shadowcrossing. A Shadar-Kai cult uses it to abduct fey creatures and force them into a dark pact.
  • Vor Thomil: The nearest fomorian kingdom to Shinaelestra, Vor Thomil endures at the whim of its mad Queen Connomae.

The Shadowfell

The Shadowfell is the dark echo of the mortal world, a twilight realm that exists “on the other side” of the world and its earthly denizens. Legend has it that an otherworldly dimness arose around the remnants and tatters of the raw stuff of creation. Over time, these shadows coalesced and assumed a form similar to the natural world, but darker, more ominous, and thrumming with a strange and unexpected power. This murky land spawned beings of its own and drew others from different parts of the cosmos. It came to be filled with a diverse population of creatures, fair and foul.

  • Letherna: The Domain of the Raven Queen. Detailed in Manual of the Planes.

    • The Bleak Fallow: A forsaken stretch of badlands where devils and other cruel creatures harvest unclaimed souls.
    • Zvomarana, the Citadel of the Raven Queen: Zvomarana is the Raven Queen's holiest temple. Located on the edge of Letherna, the temple features several monumental gates. Beings who wish to petition the Raven Queen must pass through Zvomarana's gates and perform the required rites.
    • Farad Exitis: Also called Fate's Bastion, less known than Zvomarana, Farad Exitis also attracts devoted pilgrims, who come to Farad Exilis under the promise of having their deepest, most pressing questions answered.
    • Fate's Palace: In the heart of this black palace, the Raven Queen holds court, presiding over the souls of the deceased and musing upon the secrets of fate and death that are her purview.
  • Gloomwrought, City of Midnight: Standing alone on a long stretch of desolate shoreline, Gloomwrought is a dirty port with a huge swamp one side and a sea on the other. Inside its high, encircling wall, the city is a cramped and dismal place.

    • Headquarters of the Shades of Darkness: A secret hold of a mysterious guild of Shadow warriors the Shades of Darkness.
    • Blackearth Cemetery: A cemetery located two days outside of the city. Featured in Winter of the Witch.
  • The Plain of Sighing Stones: Stretching for hundreds of miles, the Plain of Sighing Stones is the largest of the Shadowfell’s few deserts. Although the sun is not intense, the dead land punishes travelers with its desolation, its lack of water, and its fierce dust storms.

    • The Citadel of the Golden Architect: The floating fortress of a Gold Dragon plagued by a deathly ennui whose magic rains down on the plain below.
  • Oblivion Bog: A forest of twisted trees covers this swamp, a region that separates Gloomwrought from Letherna.

    • Forsaken Hamlet: Only a few buildings remain of the village that stood in the heart of Oblivion Bog, and they are slowly sinking deeper into the swamp.
    • Hexus Commune: A coven of black-hearted hags has turned the northern fringe of Oblivion Bog into their personal fiefdom.
    • Mirehide Tribe: A tribe of bullywugs stranded from the natural world.
  • Thyrin Gol: A network of mountain caves that serves as the enclave of a tribe of shadar-kai.
  • Dead's Man Cross: The main road system of the Shadowfell.

    • The House of Black Lanterns: An inn that stands at a lonely crossroads in the wilds of the Shadowfell. The inn offers shelter for travelers, as well as a place to share news and swap dark tales.
    • Vistani Caravans: A group of wandering performers and fortune tellers who have strange connections to the Shadowfell.
  • Darkreach Mountain Range: The Darkreach Mountains stand as the remnants of an ancient primordial named Volunt, slain by the shades of the Shadowfell in the Dawn War.

    • The Claw: A cluster of tall and spindly mountains.

      • Yandere: A hidden githzerai monastery built into the side of one peak of the Claw.
    • The Gorge of the Mourning Mist: A valley covered in impenetrable fog that divides the Claw from the Teeth.
    • The Teeth: Stouter, snow-capped peaks offering more manageable terrain but harsher weather.

      • Fellwroth Village: The village of Fellwroth, the ancestral home of House Fellwroth of Gloomwrought, rests in the foothills of the Teeth. With their noble manor in the City of Midnight now seemingly abandoned, the shadar-kai of Fellwroth live here on the edge of civilization.
      • Kazzak'tul: This ancient structure was clearly intended for war on a large scale before it was abandoned long ago.
      • The Frozen Path: The main passage through the Teeth is a narrow gap covered by ice blizzards.
  • Moil, the City That Waits: A city created long ago by a necromancer cult devoted to Orcus. The city slowly sinks into a vast bog of darkness, a vile sea of pure necromantic energy from which come undead horrors. One of Acerack's tombs is located here.
  • The Obsidian Tower: An academy that specializes in Nethermancy founded by Acolytes of Evard. Currently ruled by a council of six wizards.
  • Nightwyrm Fortress: Constructed at the dawn of history, this monstrous edifice of fossil-bearing stone has weathered the storm of countless attacks and held many names.
  • The Fortress of Conclusion: Acererak's stronghold, hidden in the Shadowfell.
  • Death's Reach: Once a place of purity that served as a doorway for dead souls to move on to a place beyond all reckoning, Death's Reach is now the graveyard of dead warriors and damaged weapons hailing from the Dawn War. 

    • Nerull's Gate: This ancient gate, which the gods once used to assault Death's Reach, stands in the middle of a bowl-shaped valley on the top of the largest ridge.
  • The Auburn Desolation: This treacherously hot desert in the otherwise chill plane, serves as the seat of a Yuan-Ti Pharaoh mummy.
  • The Pale Court: A noble house of Archfey who became vampires to preserve their beauty and descended into the Shadowfell.
  • Plague-Mort: A ramshackle town in a dark corner of the Shadowfell that is a gate town to the Abyss.
  • Slumber: A gate town that leads to the plane of dreams.
  • The House of Pain: The home of a Shadar-Kai cult that seeks to abduct Fey creatures and force them into shadow pacts.
  • The Umbral Sea: A great lake in the Shadowfell. Along it's shore lies the Gloaming Gate, said to be the only entrance to the Fortress at World's End in the natural world.
  • Umbraforge: A military enclave featured in the Scales of War adventure the Shadow Rift of Umbraforge

    • Tower Umbraforge: the angular edifice that serves as the center of Sarshan’s operations.

Domains of Dread

Scattered throughout the Plane of Shadow are places hidden behind thick walls of mist, places ruled by dark and deeply troubled beings bound to the plane by dreadful curses. These isolated pockets within the Shadowfell are called Domains of Dread. A creature that passes through the curtain of mist into a Domain of Dread becomes trapped there —a prisoner of the darklord who rules the domain.

  • The Endless Road: Formerly known as the village of Tranquility in the natural world, it was transformed into a Domain of Dread after its village elder, Eli Van Hassen, forced his daughter to falsely accuse a noble hero of ravishing her, and having the innocent man beheaded.
  • Darani: One of the oldest cities of Nerath, it was transformed into a Domain of Dread after Magroth the Mad was defeated by the hero Krondor, which in turn was killed by his own brother, Kalaban.
  • Monadhan: A Turathi town transformed into a Domain of Dread after the dragon Arantor betrayed and killed his protégée, the dragon Imrissa.
  • Graefmotte: A Nerathi city transformed into a Domain of Dread after its lord killed his own son rather than see it slain in the last battle of the Empire of Nerath.
  • Histaven: Also called the Withered Lands, a relatively young Domain of Dread, having existed for less than a century. Ruled over by the self-deluded tyrant
    Count Artius and plagued by the constant assault of a wretched avenger known as the Rag Man.
  • Sunderheart: Once the Tiefling city of Harrack Unarth, it was the ancestral Home of House Dreygu, Zannifer, and Khanebor, this Turathi city was the pleasure garden of the empire. Once called the city of Carousel, this ruin is now known as the city of curses.
  • Darkon: A lost Domain ruled by the lich lord Azalin. The only known survivors are the liches elite secrect police known as the Kargatane.
  • Barovia and Castle Ravenloft: A Domain of Dread ruled by the vampire Strahd Von Zarovich who counts vampires as his chief servants.
  • Sithicus: A Domain of Dread ruled by the Death Knight Lord Soth and his Death Knight Servants.
  • Timbergorge: Once a Fey Demense of the Treant Silvermaw, this plane has since slid into the Shadowfell.
  • Death of Innocence: The only remaining temple of Nerull. When the Raven Queen came to power, she banished Death of Innocence into a domain of dread and sealed its borders.

The Shadowdark

Below the Shadowfell’s twilight landscape lies a nightmarish reflection of the natural world’s Underdark. Called the Shadowdark, this pitch-black expanse features labyrinthine tunnels, vaulted chambers, and subterranean seas. These Caverns are inhabited by undead, ilithids and other aberrations from the Far Realm, demons seeking souls to claim for the Abyss, and Vecna's servants, the Incunabula.

  • The King's Highway: In the Shadowdark, the King's Highway is a zigzagging, sideways slash of wide corridors. The shattered rock retains the sharpness of its edges as if Torog had cut through it yesterday.
  • Stygian Waters: Through the Shadowdark, turbid waters seep and pool. Tears, cold sweat, venom, and black blood flow in the form of lakes and rivers, in whispering rivulets and growling torrents.
  • The Ebon Spire: The headquarters of the Order of the Obsidian Cave. A group of Dwarven Shadow Mages they appear only to Dwarves who have been exiled and cut off from their clan.
  • Glimmer: The city of secrets. This is the greatest city of the Incunabula, the servants of Vecna.

    • Tower of the Dark Secrets: A tower were the Incunabula imprison scholars, explorers, and collectors.
  • Esarham: The graveyard for the mortal souls of the first demons.

    • The Pyre: A chamber of the graveyard, called after the perpetually erupting volcano at its center.
    • Soul Abattoir: The grim cathedral of Torog's Shadowdark torture den thrusts from a frozen underground plain.
  • Lathan: A river formed from the fused energy of the lost souls unclaimed by gods, devils or demons.

    • The Worm Bridge: A bridge crafted from the corpse of a purple worm whose long body forms a tunnel through the water to reach the other side. Is the only permanent bridge of Lathan. Is governed by Bragarra the Bridge Witch.

The Echoes of the World

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