Temple of Light

A Temple of Light is a bastion against the darkness a headquarters for the Order of Light. Though each temple was unique, all of them shared several features in common. The most important of them was the Well of Divinity, a deep stone well that was said to be filled with the power of the Gods themselves. Members of the order would drink from the well upon being initiated, and thereby gain a small portion of divine power. These wells were fiercely guarded, as they were created by the Gods, not mortal hands.

Each  of the temples all held a large room with altars to the Six, the Gods that had sent a measure of their power to the mortal world. Most of these rooms were built near the top of the temple and featured many ornate stained glass windows.

Deeper within the temples was the room of world walking, where the orders teleportation network resided. All members of the order learned a ritual that would let them travel between the temples. These rooms were usually guarded, though the secret of the teleportation ritual was jealously guarded.

Beyond these three key rooms, the temples largely grew organically in response to the needs of each location. Most of the temples contained mess halls, sleeping quarters, and other features common to most keeps or manors. Some of them held great greenhouses or arcane libraries, while others featured massive forges or even enchanting laboratories. No one temple was like another, but all were guarded well against evil.


You have learned of or discovered temples in the following locations:

  • The Dawnforge Temple: This temple is located in the southern Dawnforge Mountains, about three days travel from Phandalin. It remains intact, but the Well of Divinity appears to be dry and the teleportation circle has been dismantled. A remote temple, it has little in the way of extra amenities, but has enough space to house and feed almost twenty members. It is noteworthy for its hidden entrance and several ossuaries housing the remains of heroes of the order.

Temple of Light

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