Character Creation Rules

Unless otherwise changed below, we’re using the standard character creation rules that start on page 11. For ease of reference, I’m going to repeat the steps and changes to them here.


1. Choose a Race

This game is set in the Nentir Vale, a points of light setting. As such, all of the standard Dungeons & Dragons races are available. However, some races are more common than others, which is why I use a rarity style system. Common races can be played without DM oversight, while uncommon and rare races are going to need a bit more explanation. Common races don’t require any explanation and fit right into the setting. Uncommon races are in the setting, but just a bit rare, so we need to have a chat about how they fit into the setting and where they came from. Rare races are vanishingly unknown and you’re going to have to sell me on them.

  • Common Races: Dwarf, Elf (High), Elf (Wood), Halfling, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Human, Gnome.
  • Uncommon Races: Aasimar, Dragonborn, Eladrin (DMG 286), Goliath, Tiefling
  • Rare Races: Aarakocra, Elf (Drow), Firbolg, Genasi (All), Gnome (Duergar), Kenku, Tabaxi


2. Choose a Class

All classes are available in this game.

  • Starting Level: 3rd
  • Starting Hit Points: Characters gain the maximum value of their Hit Dice at each level.
  • Bonus Skill: All characters begin play with one additional skill proficiency.
  • Bonus Feat: All characters begin play with a single bonus feat.
  • Bonus Tool/Language Proficiency: All characters begin play with a combined total of two additional language and/or tool proficiencies.


3. Determine Ability Scores

We will be using the BASEFlip method, which you can find it HERE. This method combines the fun of rolling ability scores with the consistency and fairness of point buy.


4. Describe your Character

I have a few requirements to ensure party cohesion and a fun experience for everyone.

  • Any non-evil alignment, with a preference for the good alignments.
  • Ideals, Bonds, Traits, and Flaws: Please select at least one of each. I would like to know this information at least a week before we start playing.
  • You may customize your backgrounds as you see fit. Rules for customizing a background can be found on page 125. You don’t have to fully customize a background if you don’t want. Just know that you can trade one skill for another and trade languages or tool proficiency for each other. Due to the non-standard setting, some background features may get slightly altered bonuses.


5. Choose Equipment

You gain the starting equipment for your Background and Class. You gain additional gold to purchase equipment or save as equal to the maximum value of gold provided to your class. The value for starting gold can be found on the Starting Wealth by Class table on page 143. You may sell your starting equipment for its full value, if you so wish.


6. Background Information

I’m not requiring a character background for this game, but if you would like to send me one, I’ll try and work it into the game. Exceptional backgrounds may net your character a minor magical item or some other small reward. Backgrounds don’t have to be long: even a few paragraphs is often enough to give me a few plot ideas and help fit your character into the world.

Character Creation Rules

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