Toblen Stonehill

Male Human Innkeeper of the Stonehill Inn


Toblen is a tall and lanky man in his early twenties. Short red hair and a well-trimmed beard frame a fair skinned face featuring sparkling blue eyes. He is rarely without a smile and his eyes twinkle with that glint of good humor and easy manners. His clothing is much like his Inn: always clean and of simple but good manufacture. The only thing that appears dirty is the apron he wears about his waist.

Toblen greets his guests warmly and deals fairly with his patrons. He is quick to laugh and slow to anger. But when a guest pushes him too far, they quickly find that those lanky arms are surprisingly strong and ready to fight. He is well liked within Phandalin, especially for a relative newcomer. Toblen keeps a keen eye on his inn and an ear out for any rumors. He’s rarely the first to hear something new, but he’s never the last and he usually knows more than anyone else.


Toblen is a native of Winterhaven, to the west. He came to Phandalin to prospect, but soon realized that he knew a lot more about running an inn than he did about mining. The new town offered a good opportunity to become established, and he took it. He and his wife took all the seed money they had and started the Stonehill Inn. So far the inn has become popular.

Toblen’s young family includes his wife, Trilena, and their two children, a young boy named Pip and an infant daughter named Rosie.

Toblen has taken a shine to the adventurers, and has been gracious enough to share his collection of fine spirits with Jaquez, though recent events have him rethinking this stance.

Toblen Stonehill

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