Tessele Buckman

Female Human Priestess


Tessele is an attractive human female in her early thirties. She has flowing auburn hair, soft brown eyes, and a caring smile. She typically dresses in shades of blue and usually has a large belt full of healing supplies around her waist. A practical woman, Tess is a bastion of common sense and a font of old folk wisdom. She is also a temple trained healer and follower of Pelor. Despite her young age, she has ushered many infants into the world and has healed rather grievous injuries. She also knows the art of kenning the weather, much planting lore, and other important farming facts.

Tess is a devout pacifist and rarely even raises her voice. Of course she’s more than capable of yelling when in opposition to bullies, tyrants, and other evil folk. She has a real knack for healing that almost borders on the magical, though with her it’s all a result of training and well-applied herbs. An avid gardener, she has a great interest in acquiring new seeds and plantings.


Tessele is the fifth of nine children. Her entire family worked a rather large farm for a local lord, and Tess was quick to learn what it meant to be a farmer. She pitched in where she could at first, but as she aged she found that she was gaining more and more responsibility. And her parents noticed that she had a definite healing touch, especially with the farm animals. They believed it a blessing from Pelor, and urged their daughter to talk with the local priestess.

The local priestess concurred, with Tess’s parents, and soon the young girl found herself spending more and more time at the temple, learning from the priests and priestesses. It took years of training, but eventually Tess emerged a fully fledged priestess and midwife. It was felt that she could learn more from the healer’s guild in Fallcrest, and so the country girl left for the big city. It was there she met her husband, Randal, and the two quickly fell in love and started a family.

When she finished her advanced training, she urged Randal to move the family to the countryside that she so missed. So Tess and her young family packed up their belongings and decided to strike out for the village of Phandelver. Along the way they were beset by a terrible Ankheg, and it was all Tess could do to keep the children calm. The party managed to rescue the family, for which she is ever grateful.

Tessele Buckman

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