Sister Garaele

Female Elf Acolyte of Tymora


Sister Garaele is a young elvish acolyte of Avandra. The picture of elvish grace, her beauty is marred by a scar under her right eye. A studious young elf, Garaele lacks much of the fabled grace of her people, but makes up for it in intellect and zeal. A lover of books and stories, Garaele (Ell to her friends) charges through life with the surety of a woman who knows that Luck is on her side. Never one to sit idly by, she can often be found speaking at length about the problems that Phandalin has been facing.

Garaele never tires of crusading against evil, tyranny, and ignorance. She’ll stand up to the largest of bullies, only to find out that sometimes she’s bitten off more than she can chew. Yet she always seems to find a way to escape or accomplish her goals. This has given her a great sense of confidence, and it’s almost impossible to shake her cheery optimism.

Garaele is a great lover of games, especially games of chances. She knows hundreds of different dice and card games, each better than the last. She will eagerly play games with anyone she deems worthy of her attention.


Sister Garaele was always considered a lucky child, since before birth. The healers had said that her mother could never bear children, and yet she was born. Throughout childhood she never had an illness, never took a bad spill. And when her father’s alchemical lab exploded, taking out half the treehouse, the only hurt she took was just a small acid burn under her right eye. Perhaps that’s why she’s so singularly ungraceful – she avoided bumps and bruises through luck, not agility.

It was only natural that she join the temple of Avandra. There she turned her love of literature and reading into an asset. She quickly learned many of the churches teachings and was soon instructing younger acolytes herself. For a time she was content to teach, but she had an eager heart and soon she found herself wandering from shrine to shrine, serving as a roving acolyte and priestess for those in need. She might have kept walking past Phandalin, had it not been for Barthen. She recognized him from his stories, and so decided to stay in town and look after the shrine for a while.

Sister Garaele

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