Qeline Alderleaf

Female Halfling Farmer


Qeline is an attractive female halfling of about forty-five. Her plump figure and warm smile lend her an aura of overwhelming motherly wisdom. Her smile could melt the coldest of hearts and many of the local villagers heed her wise words. A no-nonsense woman, she values honest work, a full belly, and polite manners. She takes the duties of hospitality very seriously, doing her best to ensure that her guests are well fed and comfortable. A kind woman, she dislikes violence and does what she can to smooth things over.

Qeline has a spirited and precocious son, Carp. A halfling lad of ten, he is a good boy but is often getting into trouble when he tries to “adventure.” The young boy has a strong desire to see the wider world and is obsessed with adventurers. He loves hanging around those who show him kindness.


Qeline was a young woman when her husband, Linndal, was killed by a band of marauding orcs. Heartbroken at the loss, she couldn’t bear to stay in the village that so reminded her of her true love. So she packed up her infant son, Carp, and moved to the village of Phanadlin to start a new life. There she claimed some very fertile farmland and started trying to farm.

The other townsfolk saw the young widow and worried for her, as they felt there was no way that she could handle a farm all on her own, especially with a young boy. But their fears soon disappeared when she put her family heirloom to work. The villagers were amazed when she conjured several spectral farmhands from a strange yew wand. With the help of her unseen farmers, Qeline was able to farm far more land than she should have. Her harvest the first year was good and she’s been a fixture in town ever since.

Qeline is a kind host, and has been known to let kind-hearted travelers stay in her hayloft free of charge. She’s also very knowledgeable about the town and seems to know everything that goes on.

Qeline Alderleaf

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