Harbin Wester

Male Human Pompous Fool


Harbin Wester is the platonic ideal of the fat fool. His body is a ponderous mound of over-indulged flesh that is barely contained by his threadbare and out-of-date noble clothing. He is going quite bald and seems to be trying to make up for it with massive mutton chops. His multiple chins wobble when he talks, at great length, about nothing of importance. He likes to think himself a great lord, but the truth is that he’s a miserly old banker who’s in way over his head. And when he’s not wagging his tongue about how he’s going to “make Phandalin great again”, he’s stuffing his face with greasy food “contributed” by the local taverns an farmers.


Harbin was born the only son of a prosperous banker who lived in a distant realm. As a child his every whim was indulged and he often treated the family servants poorly. His father, a greedy fellow who eagerly cheated his customers, passed along every bad habit to his son. Harbin ran through tutor after tutor, refusing to learn hard truths about his world. When his father died young, Harbin inherited a vast fortune, but none of the business acumen of his father.

But the family fortune was vast, and so it took Harbin several decades to really squander it. But eventually he found himself running from his old realm with the remains of the family fortune and a desire to earn more money. He eventually landed in Phandalin, where he started loaning money to the local miners at exorbitant rates. Few in town like him, but a lot of folks owe him at least some money, and so they have to tolerate him.

Harbin was found dead in his home sometime during the early morning of the Day of Foul Mist. He will not be missed.

Harbin Wester

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