Halia Thornton

Female Human Guildmaster


An ambitious and calculating human woman, the bloom has long fallen from Halia’s rose. Glimmers of her former beauty can still be seen, especially when she (rarely) smiles. She still maintains her grace and her eyes have the sharp gleam of a keen wit. A woman of wealth and taste, Halia acts as far more than a simple merchant. She usually dresses in fine silks with gold embroidery, and her jewelry is of exquisite make. Halia has a reputation as a shrewd negotiator and a skinflint bargainer.


There are rumors around town that Halia used to be a favored courtesan of several powerful nobles in a distant land. Rumors that Halia doesn’t deign to acknowledge. Whether true or not, there is no doubt that Halia came into town with a great deal of wealth and more than a little influence. She quickly took over the Phandalin Miner’s Exchange and started running it with brutal efficiency.

Around town, Halia is given a great deal of respect, though it’s the respect that all common folk have for the rich and powerful. In the absence of true government, she thinks herself the closest thing that the village has to a ruler. When not running the Miner’s Exchange, she can be found moving around the telling and informing everyone on just how to go about their business.

Though not especially liked, there is little doubt that she could prove a powerful patron to newcomers. Nevermind the darker whispers that are swirling around the town.

Recently Halia agreed to provide Jaquez with help in his run for mayor. She offered Jaquez a contract and a strange pen, which he used to sign it in blood. Now Halia has promised to “bring him followers” and to “eliminate his opponents.”

Halia Thornton

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