Female Dwarf Bartender


Surly. Mean. Drunk. Those words best describe Grista. A life-long bar brawler and street tough, she doesn’t have what you’d call a winning personality. Angry eyes are framed in a square face that’s dominated by a nose that’s been broken multiple times. She’s ugly, she knows, and she’s taking it out on the world. The only people who like Grista are the ones too drunk or too tough to really care.


Grista rolled into town one day with a wagon full of poor quality ale, a bunch of ill-gotten gains, and the desire to sit down and really drink herself into a stupor. She found the cheapest place she could, plopped down some tables, chairs, and ale kegs, and got to the business of selling ale. She doesn’t talk about her history. Actually, she doesn’t really talk about anything at all. And that’s the way she likes it.

For some reason she took a shine to Jaquez, and took him to bed. She’s glad to have met someone who’s just about as drunk as she is.


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