Elmar Barthen

Male Human Shopkeeper


Elmar is a lean and balding human male in his early fifties. The remainder of his hair is a whisky white and he does little to tame it. His eyes hold little but kindness for his fellow beings. He walks with a slight limp, courtesy of an orcish arrow. When unobserved, he can be caught humming or whistling a jaunty tune.

Elmar wears simple clothing of a sturdy but unremarkable make. His apron is always crisply white and a point of pride. He takes great pride in his fine leather boots, the handiwork of his brother who makes a living as a cobbler in Neverwinter.


Elmar Barthen has been a fixture in Phandalin ever since folks began reclaiming the ruins four years ago. He arrived in Phandalin with nothing more than a wagon full of tools, flour, and a large tent. His skill and foresight soon turned that first wagon into a second, then a third, and then a stout wooden store.

Barthen is a well respected man now. Many other merchants look to Barthen for advice and counsel when times are tough. Old Elmar sees almost everything that goes on in town, and he’s not shy about voicing his opinion if he thinks folks are stepping out of line.

It is an open secret around town that Barthen used to be something of a legend in the Nentir Vale. Back in his youth he used to be known as “The Merchant of Avandra’s Smile.” He traveled the roads of the Vale in his large painted wagon, selling all manner of wares to villages and hamlets too small to support a general store. It was said that he always had a knack for arriving in just the nick of time. According to legend, he saved more than one stuggling hamlet with his timely arrival.

But that wasn’t the only reason he was said to be blessed by Avandra. More than one old adventuring party claimed to have met him on the road with just the item they needed to complete a dangerous quest. Some even began to whisper that he was an Avatar of Avandra herself (a whisper Elmar politely denies).

Elmar Barthen

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