Daran Edermath

Male Half-Elf Retired Adventurer


Daran is a fit, silver-haired half-elf well over a hundred years old. His weathered skin is covered in fading tattoos, including a large and elaborate map covering most of his chest and back. His silver eyes and white teeth still make for a handsome, if aged, face. Despite his age, his body still contains a surprising amount of strength and endurance.

His hands are a mish-mash of old scars, but still surprisingly nimble. He can generally be seen wearing simple and sturdy clothing, including a large straw hat. The only reminder of his old adventuring days is the beautiful sword belt and the sturdy longsword hanging from his hip.


Daran used to be a daring and well-respected adventurer. He was (and still is) an accomplished fighter and a master of the Lion Style of Bladesinging. For much of his youth he was the leader of an adventuring party known as the Silver Falcons. The party ranged through much of Sarthel, delving dungeons and thwarting evil. They eventually retired after staying the dread red dragon Phrenalax. Each member of the party retired on the wealth of the horde. Except for Daran.

Not willing to settle down at such a young age, Daran served as a herald and marshal for several honorable lords of the Barony of Therund. There he won many battles and helped to negotiate a lasting peace between a human barony and a tribe of wood elves. To this day his name is well-respected in the Barony.

During this time, Daran met and traveled with Sildar Hallwinter The two quickly became friends and together thwarted many evils. They parted years later on very good terms.

Eventually Daran’s reflexes and strength slowed enough that he felt the need to retire. He had heard of Phandalin and bought a plot of land just outside of the village. There he started an orchard using the seeds that he had gathered in his old adventuring days. Today his orchard is known for having many rare and exotic fruits.

Daran Edermath

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